At Blomsterkrans you will find floral wreaths that are slightly different from traditional wreaths; they are playful, natural, and very stylish. Blomsterkrans is Norwegian for flower wreath. Flower wreaths are used in many Scandinavian countries at the Midsummer festival. But there are many more traditions in which wreaths play an important role. With Blomsterkrans we want to combine design and tradition. Every season we want to surprise you with a new story and beautiful design of floral wreaths.

In 2016 Blomsterkrans the webshop with seasonal wreaths started. A concept developed by Chantana Reemst and Bineke Posthumus. Together they worked with great pleasure on the design of sustainable and stylish concepts in which story and craft are central. Now years later, Chantana continues to show that innovation and tradition go hand in hand with these traditional products. The seasons, the natural aspect, and drying characteristics play an important role in the design.

Blomsterkrans works together with various enthusiastic people to manufacture our flower wreaths. The makers of the wreaths are passionate about their craft. For example, the base of the wreaths was made by a Dutch willow weaver. Wicker weaving is an age-old craft and we are proud that this craft has been incorporated into our products. The willow wreaths are beautifully decorated by a small-scale professional flower stylist. Otherwise green With Blomsterkrans you bring a natural wall decoration into your home in a very unique way. You smell the eucalyptus, you see the colors of the dried flowers and it's transformation.

Blomsterkrans is just like a lively poster or a beautiful painting; it grabs your attention and creates an unmistakable atmosphere. With Blomsterkrans in your home, you are assured of a stylish, everlasting, and playful decoration with a beautiful story.

Because our products are made by hand, we can only work in small quantities. We work with flowers that dry nicely or with dried flowers only. If you want to be sure of a beautiful wreath in your home, make a reservation on time.