Creativity is the heart of our operation

Do make, it’s all in your own hands, to create



The face behind Blomsterkrans

I'm Chantana, founder and creative director of Blomsterkrans. This beautiful adventure started in 2016. Together with a friend I was looking for natural decorations for the home. But what we had in mind was not for sale at the time.

A new concept was born; a round shape with natural branches and flowers that can be used every season and with every tradition. Creativity and entrepreneurship were always present in my life from home, but it was not a preconceived plan to sell flowers online. That first Blomsterkrans turned out to be the beginning of a story about creating a natural, handmade product, in which craft is central. It shows that innovation and tradition go hand in hand. A sustainable way to bring the beauty of the outside in a nice and simple way.


From online community to your own book

Through Instagram I came into contact with inspiring people, an involved community that has now grown from 11,000 followers. Unbelievable to share and receive inspiration about wreaths, nature, drying flowers and so many other subjects in this way.

I bundled my knowledge and experience in the book 'Droogbloemen' published in December 2020. In this, you will receive a step-by-step explanation of how to make beautiful timeless and natural interior items. You can get started right away, even without florist experience.

I am now allowed to inspire people all over the world with natural, stylish and playful wreaths and make it my business. I'm really looking forward to launching my new platform for inspiration, wreath making, and connection: through online workshops and other content.


Let your creativity finds its way

With this platform, I hope to share a lot with you about the power of creativity. Motivate and enthuse you to make the atmosphere at home even more personal. Who knows, a new chapter in your story may also start at home.