About Blomsterkrans

Welcome to Blomsterkrans

At Blomsterkrans you will find flower wreaths that are slightly different from traditional wreaths; they are playful, natural, and very stylish. Blomsterkrans is Norwegian for flower garland. Flower wreaths are used in many Scandinavian countries for the Midsummer celebration. But there are many more traditions in which wreaths play an important role. With Blomsterkrans we want to combine design and tradition. We will surprise you every season with a new story and beautiful flower wreath design.



An inseparable part of Blomsterkrans is the use of traditional products and beautiful materials to bring warmth and individuality to the home. The starting point is the people who use and apply it. A community of people who want to express themselves creatively, choose products of value and create their own style and traditions.


The flowers for the wreaths are carefully chosen for their good drying properties. A fresh wreath dries beautifully over time, creating beautiful, natural shades. The wreaths last for months, one of the many advantages that makes it such a timeless product. The same properties – timeless, durable and beautiful, natural colours.


Unique green

With Blomsterkrans you bring greenery into your home in a unique way. You smell the eucalyptus, see the beautiful greenery, but the experience is different than with a houseplant. Blomsterkrans is like a lively poster or a beautiful painting; it grabs your attention and gives an unmistakable atmosphere. Every season we surprise by new stories and products.



We do not only supply our wreaths to consumers! On request, we can make a beautiful design that completely matches the personal wishes of your company. But we do want to inspire everyone, and we do that through well-known social media channels. That is why you will find plenty of creative ideas and styling tips on Instagram. Beautiful, contemporary, and natural wreaths for your interior or your business.