About us

Welcome to Blomsterkrans

At Blomsterkrans we offer wreaths that are different from traditional wreaths; they are lively, natural and above all, very stylish. Blomsterkrans is Norwegian for flower wreath. In Norway and other Scandinavian countries, women traditionally make floral wreaths to wear in their hair for the magic Midsummer’s Day. But there are many more traditions in which wreaths play an important role. At Blomsterkrans we combine design and tradition. Each season, we will surprise you with freshly designed wreaths and new stories of their origin.


Chantana Reemst and Bineke Posthumus are the founders of Blomsterkrans. Together we work with love and passion on the development of sustainable and well-designed products that have a unique story and are made by craftsmanship. With our products we want to show that when you combine innovation and tradition something magical happens.

True craftmanship

Blomsterkrans works together with talented and enthusiastic people that all add value to the wreath creation process. For example, the base of our wreaths is made by a Dutch willow weaver. Willow weaving is a centuries-old tradition and we are very proud that this craftsmanship is an integral part of our wreaths. The willow wreaths are styled with seasonal flowers and branches by a professional Dutch flower stylist.

A different kind of green

With a Blomsterkrans wreath you get yourself a unique piece of decorative green. You can smell the gorgeous scent of the eucalyptus and see the beautiful greens and flowers, but the feeling and experience its creates is much more. A Blomsterkrans wreath is like a painting coming to life; it fascinates and creates an unambiguous atmosphere. With a Blomsterkrans wreath you are ensured of a stylish, natural and lively decoration with a special story.