Care Guide

All Blomsterkransen are hand-made from the finest materials and with the highest of quality. A flower wreath is something the user should be able to enjoy for a long time. With making the wreaths using the highest precision by skilled craftsmen in the Netherlands. The natural materials and elements are selected with the greatest care and passion from the Netherlands. Naturally, care must be taken when handling the wreaths. So below we have outlined some instructions for care and handling.


Firts of all the wreath should be taking out of the box carefully.

The flower wreaths must be carefully and properly hanged. Make sure that you protect the wreath against extreme temperatures and sunlight or wind.

To flowers are selected for there drying features, it is possible to use the mist sprayer to hold a little bit of freshness. But keep in mind that it is all part of the Blomsterkrans.

You can re-use the willow wreath (base), give us a call if you want fresh flowers or email us: hello@blomsterkrans