'Droogbloemen' by Blomsterkrans

Drying and styling flowers for the interior



Do you enjoy creating with flowers, working with your hands, or just want to try something new? Then this book is definitely for you.

It is a guide to what dried flowers and flower wreaths can do in the home in terms of atmosphere and feeling. You can read about the variety of flowers, picking, collecting and of course the best part: how to make the most beautiful dried flower creations yourself.



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For now, this book is only available in Dutch



What others think of the book:


"Vlot geschreven, prachtige bloemenfoto's en handige tips om verder geïnspireerd te raken en zelf creatief verder te gaan experimenteren met droogbloemen!"
"Een inspirerend boek voor wie wil beginnen met droogbloemen. Vooral de handige tips en weetjes zijn leuk en nuttig. Er staan hele mooi foto's in die de projecten goed illusteren, aanrader!"
"Dit boek, Droogbloemen is een heel inspirerend en informatief boek. Prachtige foto's. Heldere uitleg van de projecten met duidelijke foto's van de stappen die je moet nemen."







Could you use help making sustainable and natural creations?


In the book, I tell you how I started Blomsterkrans and me being a self-taught maker. 


My Love for nature. Being outside, with the seasons changing and its beautiful colors. 


DIY projects:
With immediately applicable tips and a step-by-step plan on how to process dried flowers into the most beautiful interior creations.


Flower list from Blomsterkrans:
which flowers can you sow, harvest and process yourself?





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You can buy the book about dried flowers and making wreaths in the webshop and for fast and free shipping you can go to