Flower wreath with Eucalyptus compose yourself

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Flower wreath with Eucalyptus Create your own natural wreath of willow branches with Eucalyptus & dried flowers.
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This wreath is very suitable for the interior. A beautiful wreath that you can compose yourself in to a unique & natural decoration. To give or to cherish yourself!

This wreath with Eucalyptus is a large wreath with natural greenery and dried flowers. The willow circle can be supplemented with different types of flowers, grasses and plumes such as Phalaris, Gypsophila and Helichrysum in the desired color (if available).

The flowers come together very nicely in the braided circle, every season and for every occasion. Grown, dried and harvested with care so you can style your home with a beautiful floral wreath made with love from start to finish. If you want to know more about it, read my blog about Willow branches, and be inspired by the examples on our social: Instagram, where you can see examples of wreaths above a sideboard, in the bedroom or in the hall.

Now compose your green wreath with the desired flowers:

The willow wreaths last for years and are very suitable for re-use. The Blomsterkrans is styled with flowers that dry nicely or dried flowers. You can choose and add dried flowers you love in the checkbox or when delivered add treasures or finds from your own garden, forest, or picking garden in the neighborhood. The dried flower wreath has the diameter as indicated in the menu: diameter 50cm. Keep in mind that the complete wreath (including flowers) is larger in diameter.

Feel free to enter your wishes with text in the empty box, like a card, ribbon or something else can be added. All this is in consultation with you. For special wishes in sizes and shapes, please send me a message by e-mail.

After the choice of flowers and dried flowers and making the order with payment, the wreath will be delivered completely styled at the door in a strong craft box.



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