Willow branches

What is willow?


Working with materials from nature is great fun, I've been working with willow twigs for about 5 years now. Willow twigs are actually fast-growing twigs of the willow tree, which are used for weaving baskets and other practical and beautiful things. I craft my basic wreaths with willow because I really like the color and shape. Unfortunately, the wickerwork in the Netherlands is no longer as alive as it used to be, because many products come from China and many are made there in large numbers.



What do I love about willow?


Last year I braided a basket myself for the first time. it is very satisfying to work with the material because you don't need anything else. No iron wire, clamps or other means to make the basket. Extremely durable and environmentally friendly.


I don't weave the large wreaths that I sell through the online store myself, I’m working together with a willow weaver. I do make the smaller wreaths and the natural wall decorations on request. So, I am involved in the process from start to finish, from sketch to final product.



Editing and saving willow twigs


If you want to start working with willow yourself, you can put the branches in a large bowl of water for a while, so they become more suple. You can start when they are flexible. Next to willow you can for example, also use branches of grape or wisteria.





I find a lot of inspiration in things like photography, art and architecture. Because of my background in architecture, I am inspired by artists who work in this field. They process the material in spatial projects or make installations from willow. But I also find designers who work with handmade products where tradition and modern times come together very interesting and beautiful.