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Kids drawingclass Procreate This is a mother-daughter lesson, we will give this lesson together.
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Learn the basic techniques of Procreate

After completing this course, they will have sufficient knowledge to get creative with this drawing app themselves. In this kids course children learn step by step to use the Procreate tools at their own level.

The course introduces you to the different brushes, the principle of layers, the color palette, alpha lock, effects, symmetry and much more.

Making a digital drawing becomes really fun! And it can be done anywhere. No more dragging paint, markers and paper when you're on the go, from now on you have everything at hand on your iPad. The basic principles of digital drawing are explained step by step through fun exercises. And all that in a nice & cozy space.

Additional information for the course: It is important to know that the minimum age to follow this course independently is 10 years. But with the supervision (in consultation) of an adult, it is already possible from the age of 6 to 7. So if you want to learn all about Procreate together with your kids, this course is highly recommended! The maximum age has no limit.

Do you want accessible and easy to start with Procreate? Then this course is definitely recommended.

What do you need?

An iPad and Apple Pencil. The following iPads are compatible with an Apple Pencil: All iPad pro models, the iPad air from model 3, the iPad mini from model 5 (2019), the standard iPads from 2019. There are currently 2 variants of the Apple Pencil, generation 1 and 2. The 1st generation is compatible with all models above.

The 2nd generation pencil is only compatible with the iPad Air (4th generation), the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation and later), and the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation and later) To find out which iPad you have, look at the model number on the back.

When you enter this number in Google with the question 'which model?' you will see the data. Or you go to settings > general view to see the model name. This way you immediately know whether your iPad is compatible with the pencil and which pencil.

You can buy the Procreate app from the app store. After purchase, all updates are free and there are no additional costs.