Online workshop: Christmas Wreath Making

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VIDEO Make your own Christmas Wreath at home, with a touch of color. Christmas Wreath Making online workshop with a step-by-step instruction video and ebook.
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Blomsterkrans is going for a festive Christmas wreath that you can make at home; an online workshop with an instruction video and a digital book with tips and inspiration. Find out how to make a beautiful, natural, and colorful wreath in no time this Christmas.

Choose a beautiful space in your home for this beautiful and modern Christmas wreath: on the wall, hang it in the air as a chandelier, or make it a beautiful centerpiece on the table with candles that give you light and warmth. Get started making a beautiful wreath for the holidays.


I will explain in a video with step-by-step instructions how to make your wreath. 


An e-book in which everything is explained and filled with beautiful images to inspire you.




What materials do you need?

  • green branches/ pine branches, eucalyptus, shrub
  • a wreath of natural branches homemade (not too thin for insertion)
  • or a willow wreath from our webshop
  • berries and dried flowers (garden center or finds from the garden)
  • Flower scissors small and large
  • wire cutters


You will receive all information, video, and e-book in your email box.

You can watch this online workshop in your own time.




Please note: this is an online workshop excluding flowers and plants.

You purchase this yourself to get started.


This step-by-step instructional video and e-book are available in Dutch and English.







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