Blomsterkrans muse Patricia

Blomsterkrans muse – Patricia from @studio_ 


How important are flowers to you?

Flowers are very important to me. You will find (dried) flowers in every room of our house. They give a nice, cozy, and soft atmosphere to the house. I am always busy with a "project" at home in which flowers play a major role. Such as filling a wreath, making a garland, painting or making cards, decorating a cake, or drying flowers. And now that I recently have a garden I can't wait to fill it with a lot of flowers. I really fantasize about a fairytale garden with a sea of ​​wild and edible flowers.

Where do you get your flowers? Is that always a fixed time, for example, every week at the market?

I used to live on the Noordermarkt in the Jordaan. There I bought my flowers every Saturday at the organic market. It is one of my favorite places that I still love to visit. Now that I have moved out of the city, I am also discovering more and more nice places in the area, such as an organic farm with a picking garden further down the road. I love going there with my daughter (now 18 months old) picking flowers. Or we go into the forest where we always find the most beautiful treasures. The connection with nature and being together is very important to me and my family. It provides relaxation and inspiration.

What's your favorite flower?

I can not choose! Which flower is my favorite often changes and can depend very much on how I feel, what season it is, and what fits nicely in our interior at that moment. I love wildflowers very much. Such as wild daisies, cornflowers, buttercups, and poppies. And Cosmea is a favorite.

For my wreaths, I always find gypsophila and eucalyptus as beautiful bases. And I combine it with dried flowers, such as Helichrysum (strawflower), mimosa, poppies, and wheat.

How do you use wreaths in your interior?

I really enjoy wreaths in the house and their natural look of it. I love to give the wreaths a different place in the house once in a while and refill them. This ensures that creativity flows and gives new energy.

I am inspired by the seasons. Autumn is definitely my favorite season with its beautiful, warm colors. During that period I fill the wreath with red, orange, and yellow flowers and leaves and hang it from the ceiling with four ribbons. I then make small beeswax candles that I attach to the wreath in old Christmas tree candle holders (pegs). When we light the candles in the evening it gives such a nice atmosphere.

I also like to do this during the Advent period. The wreath is then filled with winter greens and we burn a candle every week.

Sometimes people have vivid memories of a mother who used to dry flowers, or maybe you have some other story or memory that made you love flowers so much.

I remember so well that as a little girl, I loved making wreaths of daisies on the lawn in front of our house. So that's where my love for wreaths started! I also liked to pick flowers with my grandmother, which we then put in old books, so that after a few weeks we had all kinds of beautiful dried flowers to frame (something I still like to do).