Make a Living Spring Bulb Wreath

Hello everyone, spring is a particularly lovely time to do some decorating and get in the Easter spirit, so it’s the perfect time to get foraging and create a seasonal Living Spring Bulb Wreath! There’s nothing like a bit of crafting to lift the spirits, it really is such a lovely way to spend a few hours, and below I’ve shared a simple tutorial so that you can make one too!

You will need :

- Willow wreath base
- Living floristry moss - I used forest moss
- Wire
- Early flowering 
- Scissors
- Ribbon


Step 1. Make sure your moss is damp so the plants can absorb moisture from it. Pad out your wreath base with clumps of moss, attaching it using wire. You want the moss to create a firm, living wreath structure ready to add your flowers to.

Step 2. Small plants of your choice – I bought all the plants from the flower market because I needed plants that were in full flower. I am using snowdrops bulbs, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and pussywillow twigs for decoration.

Step 3. Remove the plants from their pots and gently remove most of the soil from the root ball. Not to worry, these little guys will survive just fine. 
Cover the root ball with moss and tie it securely with florist wire and insert it into your wreath.

Step 4. Choose your finishing flowers and position them into the wreath, wiring them into position as discretely as you can. You could group them together in one or two places, or you could even have five flowers evenly spaced right around your wreath! 
You are done!

CARE NOTE: Simply spray the plants on the wreath a few times a week and the plants will continue to thrive and grow! The wreaths are happiest in bright indirect sunlight. Please avoid frost and bring them in when the temperature drops.
The wreath is completely sustainable as after flowering the bulbs can be replaced or planted out in the garden or stored in a cool, dark place for the following year.

Happy spring and happy crafting!

Mary x