Book 'Dried Flowers' Blomsterkrans

this book is in Dutch
A book about Dried flowers. If someone had told me four years ago that I would make a book, I would not have believed it. Many times (even as a little girl) I have dreamed about making a book. And now the time has come! I have enjoyed working on the book for the past few months. A book in which I tell about my feeling of 'home', nature and its seasons, and my passion for flowers. Do you want to know more about dried flowers that we use and how to make flower wreaths and other dried flower creations for your interior?
With this book, you can make the most beautiful creations with dried flowers. Dried flowers are durable, remain beautiful for a long time, and can be stored well. In the seventies and eighties, they were completely in, then they gathered dust and disappeared from the living room. And look now: dried flowers are making a comeback. In this beautiful book, I tell you about the origins of Blomsterkrans and my experiences. Which flowers are suitable for drying, and how you can process them into a number of beautiful interior items with the opportunity to discover your own style.