DIY: Making a Christmas wreath at home this year, with a movie.

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Available to Pre-order - Wreath making by Blomsterkrans on film. DIY: Making a Christmas wreath at home this year; a modern, light and evergreen wreath.
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FILM LAUNCH: Monday 15 November.

This edition is available in Dutch and in English.


This year Blomsterkrans is going for a festive Christmas wreath that you can make at home.

Find out how to make a beautiful, natural, and colorful wreath in no time this Christmas. Choose a nice space in your house for this beautiful and modern Christmas wreath: on the wall, hang it in the air as a chandelier or make it a beautiful centerpiece on the table with candles that give you light and warmth.


And how you are going to make that, I will explain in a short movie with step-by-step guidance.


After payment, you will receive the film with an explanation of how to make a Christmas wreath. + An e-book with the whole story and beautiful pictures and inspiration.



What you need:

Nice place to work or just at the kitchen table. 

Pruning shears or other multi-use scissors. 

Pine branches, you can harvest from your own garden or buy at the local store.

Eucalyptus or a mix of different kinds, extra Eucalyptus Populus. 

(you will receive more information about it in the email I will send you)

Base wreath of natural branches or a

Base wreath from Blomsterkrans (possible to make a wreath without wire).




DIY ~ stylish ~ modern